How do I register for the tournament?

To register for the tournament please use the registration links provided. You will need to fill out all the registration details which are required.  Once you have registered for the tournament you will receive an email confirming you have registered. This does not mean your registration has been accepted. If your registration is accepted you will receive a further email confirming your registration.

You need to have a PlayStation Plus account to be able to play in online matches. 

How do I know who I am playing against?

All the fixtures will be posted on the tournament website where you can see who your fixture is against. All the Online IDs of your opponent will appear as their team name.  

How do I communicate with my opponent

You can communicate with your opponent through our eSports Forums. You will need to communicate with your opponent to make sure that you are both ready for your match on time.

How do I know my kick off times?

Your kick off times and dates will be posted on the tournament website (PS4 here, Xbox here). You will need to communicate with your opponent at least 10 minutes before the match to make sure you are both set for the game. Teams are expected to start the game on time; if the game is at 10:00am please be ready to start at 9:55am. This is important as you will have games following the first matches which will be delayed if you start late.

How do I create an account on the playstation network?

How do I find my opponent on the playstation network? 

Your opponent’s PSN or Xbox ID are the same as their team name on the tournament website and in the fixture lists. You are required to add your opponent to your Playstation Network or Xbox List in order to be able to arrange an online friendly game with them.

Please do not abuse these contacts, if we receive any reports of abuse resulting from sharing of PSN or Xbox IDs, that player will be banned from playing in our future eSports tournaments.

How do I accept a message from other players?

How do I set up an online game?

All matches in the AirAsia KL Junior League Live tournaments will be played as Online Friendlies. The player listed first in each match-up (ie the ‘Home’ team) is responsible for setting up the match with the following settings:

  • Online Friendlies Match
  • Standard game settings
  • Match length: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)
  • Game speed: Normal
  • Controls: Any
  • Squad Type: 85 Overall
  • If game is drawn in the group stages the result stands. If a game is drawn in the knock out stages then please rematch and play golden goal. The first person to score the next goal wins the match. 
  • All other settings should be left to game defaults.


How do I invite ONLINE FRIENDLY to your friend in FIFA20 PS4?

How do I live stream my game on twitch?

How do I update my score on when the game has ended?

Scores must be emailed to esports@kljuniorleague.my no later than 10 minutes after the match is completed with a screenshot or photo of the final match screen showing the result. Failure to submit a result will mean you forfeit the game.



These rules apply to all AirAsia KL Junior League eSports tournaments unless otherwise stated:

  1. These tournaments are to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Please play in the spirit of the game; anyone caught showing bad sportsmanship will be banned from future editions
  2. Please use the same team throughout the tournament you can use international teams or club teams

For all competitions please follow the fixtures and brackets which are set out on the tournament information page itself. 

In the case of group stages, final placing of players is decided by the following, in order:

  1. Most points
  2. Best goal difference
  3. Most goals scored
  4. Fewest goals conceded
  5. Head to head result 

If 2 players are still tied they will be required to play a golden goal match where a new game will be started and the first player to score will go through. 


Updating Results 

Both teams are responsible for updating the result. Players will need to submit a screenshot showing the score of the game to esports@kljuniorleague.my 

Any games which don’t get updated as a result will be set as 0-0 unless: 

  • The failure to complete the match is not the fault of one competitor in which case a forfeit will be entered for the other team; or 
  •  The failure to complete the match is not the fault of both competitors in which case the organiser may provide an extension of time in order to complete the match.

Any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at esports@kljuniorleague.my