5 things we miss about youth football

5 things we miss about youth football in 2021

The announcement of Malaysia’s second MCO at the beginning of January 2021 has put a pause on youth football competition across the Klang Valley. As disappointed as we are not to be able to offer regular AirAsia KL Junior League matches, here are the 5 top things we wish we could still do and see.

1. Parent support

Before the global pandemic, positive parent support at matches was one of our favourite things to see at the AirAsia KL Junior League. And over 11 seasons of the league we’ve seen some huge crowds offering their support pitch side.

2. Team camaraderie

‘Win or lose, we do it as a team.’ Teamwork is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of football, and though teams can continue online training during the MCO there’s no real substitute for getting together on a pitch and working hard shoulder to shoulder.

3. Weekly competition

The pre-match rush; the post-match analysis; the desire to train and to improve for next week’s game – the routine of weekly matches is addictive for players, parents and coaches alike.

4. Group celebrations

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of your team scoring a goal and the group embrace as everyone rushes to congratulate the scorer.

5. Contact training and matches

Football is a contact sport and no amount of solo training can prepare you for the physicality of a full match. Here’s hoping we can return to contact training soon in preparation for a return to competition!

What do you miss about youth football in 2021? Is it not seeing your friends at training, or the thrill of competition?

Let us know in the comments below!

The AirAsia KL Junior League is now part of Liga Suparimau